Trump says islamic terrorist 82 times!

Donald Trump shouts ‘Islamic Terrorist’ 82 Times In A Row Without Stopping, While Obama Never Said it Once…

President Donald Trump today did 82 times in a row what Barack Obama was unable to do over the entire course of his presidency. That is, he uttered the words, “Islamic Terrorist”. Not only did the president recite the term nearly a hundred times, but Mr. Trump, showing extreme bravado and stamina, reportedly accomplished the feat in just under 2 minutes.

According to multiple sources in the White House close to Trump, the President was in a meeting early Saturday with a few national security leads and their aides, discussing matters related to Monday’s terrorist attack in Manchester, when Trump quickly grew irate due to the manner in which some of the aides were referring to the accused terrorist.

“I’ve had it with anyone here beating around the bush,” exclaimed Trump to those present. “We need to be clear we are not just talking about a ‘terrorist’ here, but an Islamic terrorist! Is it really that hard to say?”

Trump then began calling on people in the room, asking and making sure that they were able to say the words “Islamic Terrorist.” After having six of his staff repeat the words to him, Trump stood up from his chair and told everyone to “listen carefully”.

He cleared his throat, and with a clear loud voice, slowly and softly let out the words “ISLAMIC TERRORIST”. Trump, while keeping eye contact with the dozen or so other individuals in the room, began to repeat himself, “ISLAMIC TERRORIST”. The repetition did not stop, and Trump continued speeding up his delivery with every utterance.

A minute-and-a-half later the president was still making his point, his face now getting redder and beginning to glisten with sweat, as he was leaving no room for pause. At the end of it all, Trump said the phrase an estimated 82 times over 2 minutes, according to two staffers who were trying to keep count. Trump concluded by saying, “So, I think you get the message.”

Those there to witness Trump’s outburst reportedly complimented the President afterwards, saying that it was a much needed wake up call, and that it was one of the most motivational speeches they had ever heard the President give.

Your move, Obama.