Muslim Spicey

Donald Trump Considers Replacing Press Secretary Sean Spicer With Old Muslim Man Who Only Speaks Arabic

Word out of the White House for a while has been that Press Secretary Sean Spicer is on his last legs, but a likely candidate or timeline for Spicer’s replacement has remained uncertain.

According to sources familiar with the ongoing search for Spicer’s successor, one of the leading candidates at this time is an elderly American muslim man who doesn’t speak any English, and only knows Arabic.

The potential candidate, whose name has yet to be disclosed (so we’ll just call him Mohammed), is one of Trump’s personal favorites for the position, because of the supposed message choosing him would send.

Trump is fond of Mohammed because: 1. Picking him would be a big middle finger to the litany of mainstream fake news publications that like to make up conspiracies about the White House, and ask stupid/tough questions. 2. It should appease the super lovey and inclusive leftists that are crazy enough to want to see muslims in positions of power.

So there you have it, instead of Spicer, we might just get to see Mohammed get up there and yell at reporters in Arabic for an hour.

I mean who really cares? The left-wing media will come up with the same poop anyways!

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