Kushner and Russia

Jared Kushner Proposed Secret Communication Channel With Russia To Help Throw Trump a Surprise Party

Does the president like chocolate or vanilla? Pin the tail on the donkey or pin the nuke on Bin Laden? These are the ‘party’ themed questions President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner would have been discussing with Russian operatives had he actually set up the secret communication channel he proposed, not the other type of ‘party’ discussions that the fake news would want you to believe.

News of Kushner’s proposal for a backdoor communication line with Russia has risen out of the wasteful and costly U.S. / Russia investigation, and left-wing media sites have been crying afoul at the mere concept of a high level presidential staff member having “secret” talks, even if the secret channel was never implemented.

What’s even sillier is that Kushner wasn’t looking to discuss anything government related at all, he was simply looking to plan an extravagant surprise party for his father-in-law with the help of some of Trump’s wealthy Russian friends, to celebrate the president’s 71st birthday on June 16th of this year.

The president’s son-in-law should be allowed to plan great parties, tremendous parties, for his father-in-law and president, even if he needs a secret channel to do so. I mean it must be incredibly hard throwing a surprise party for someone in control of the CIA, FBI, and NSA.

Let’s hope this Russia investigation and media nosiness don’t go and totally ruin the president’s birthday, he deserves one that’s special.

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