Kushner Tried to use Secret Russian Channel to throw Trump a surprise birthday party.

Jared Kushner Proposed Secret Communication Channel With Russia To Help Throw Trump a Surprise Party

Does the president like chocolate or vanilla? Pin the tail on the donkey or pin the beard on Bin Laden? These are the ‘party’ themed questions President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner would have discussed with Russian operatives had he actually set up the ‘secret communication channel’ he had proposed to Russian officials during the campaign, NOT ‘political party’ related discussions like the fake news would want you to believe.

Evidence for Kushner’s proposal of a ‘backdoor communication’ line with Russia has come to light thanks to a pointless and ongoing Russia investigation, with Democrats saying this is proof there was some sort of “collusion” between the Trump campaign team and the Russian government.

What’s particularly silly about this is that Kushner wasn’t looking to discuss anything government related with Russia at all. Sources close to Kushner confirm he was trying to plan an extravagant surprise party for his father-in-law Donald Trump’s 71st birthday, but that he needed extra help from some of Trump’s wealthy Russian friends.

A son-in-law should be allowed to throw great surprise parties for his father-in-law. Just because someone becomes president doesn’t mean one shouldn’t be able to throw them great surprise parties anymore.

It must be incredibly hard surprising somebody who runs all of the CIA, FBI, and NSA, so it goes without saying that backdoor channels should be allowed for upper level officials AND family, whenever deemed necessary.

Let’s just pray this Russia investigation and media nosiness don’t go off and ruin our president’s birthday!. Mark your calendars for June 14th and tweet your birthday wishes memes to @realDonaldTrump!