Two Great Politicians Snooze

Trump Has Sleepover At Kremlin With Putin, Liberal Media Jumps to Conclusions

At the end of his recent extraordinarily productive foreign trip, Donald Trump has reportedly flown out to Moscow, as the president has been personally invited by Russian President Vladimir Putin to come relax with him at the Kremlin for a short sleepover.

According to an internal White House source, Putin and Trump had been in contact multiple times over the phone during Trump’s foreign trip, as Trump had been regularly contacting some of his closest friends to complain about the madness and conspiracy surrounding his office because of the needless and corrupt Russia investigations.

Putin reportedly heard Trump’s duress, and offered him a chance for a little R & R at the Kremlin once he had wrapped up his long and tough foreign trip. The source claims that if Trump brought with him some perfectly legal U.S. documents that were of interest to Putin, Putin would supply the S’mores.

In the time since this story has broke, known corrupt media sites like the Washington Post or The New York Times have harshly criticized the friendly trip, saying that it is even more proof of Russian collusion and interference.

What the snowflake liberals forget is that even when you’re leaders of powerful countries, sometimes you just want to hang out with your friends. There never was any illegal collusion with Russia, this is just an instance of two men, with the toughest jobs in the world, sitting back for just one night and taking it easy, swapping stories.


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