Trump has sleepover with Putin at the Kremlin.

Trump Has Sleepover With Putin at Kremlin, Liberal Media Jump to Conclusions

At the tail end of his extraordinarily productive first foreign trip, Donald Trump has flown out to Moscow, after the president was personally invited by Russian President Vladimir Putin to come relax with him at the Kremlin for a short vacation.

According to an internal White House source, Putin and Trump spoke over the phone multiple times during Trump’s foreign trip, as the U.S. president was regularly calling some of his closest friends to complain about the needless, corrupt, and ongoing Russia investigations.

Putin could supposedly hear Trump’s stress, and offered him a chance for a little rest and relaxation at the Kremlin once he had wrapped up his long and tough foreign trip. Sources say Putin joked as he made the offer, asking Trump to bring with him some U.S. documents that are of interest to Putin, and that Putin would in turn “supply the S’mores”.

Since this story broke, fake news sites like the Washington Post and The New York Times have harshly criticized the vacation between two friends, arguing that it is further “proof” that Russia interfered in our election.

What liberals and Democrats forget as they jump to conclusions is that even when you’re leaders of powerful countries, sometimes you just want to hang out with your friends! This is an instance of two men, with two the toughest jobs in the world, sitting back for one night and taking it easy, swapping stories and secrets.