James Comey and Lebron in NBA

2017 NBA Entry Draft Could Find Former FBI Director James Comey Taken in First Round

James Comey, the FBI director so bad at his job that he was fired six years before the end of his supposed 10 year term, might fortunately be getting into a career that requires a little less intellectual thinking.

Sources close to Comey claim the disgraced FBI director started playing basketball competitively a couple years ago, when he was being trained and coached by then President Barack Houssein Obama, and it reportedly only took Comey a couple games until he was trouncing the ISIS founder. (to be fair, muslims aren’t known to be good at basketball)

It is rumoured that the sole reason Obama even named Comey to the FBI director position in 2013 was so that he could practice his 1 on 1 game against a tougher and taller opponent. Of course, this was yet another selfish Obummer decision that almost cost us our country, if not for Trump having stepped in and getting rid of the sucker.

Comey is using his newfound off-time to get in better shape and work on his shooting fundamentals, because on June 22nd, there will reportedly be a number of teams interested in drafting the 6’8″ rookie guard out of the FBI to slot into their lineup for the coming season.

Speaking with one NBA manager on why their team has an interest in Comey, he said, “The guy’s a big body that comes with an extra intimidation factor. Not based on the plays he can make on the court, but the intimidation that comes from knowing he can snap his fingers and have government goons lighting you up in a second. If you think you might get whacked, are you gonna charge a guy? Are you?”

I guess if corrupt Comey is going to maintain a professional career, it’s better that he’s handling balls and getting rejected by minorities, rather than holding power in some kind of office.