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Donald Trump and Republicans To Propose House Bill That Would Enforce Names ‘The Fake New York Times’ and ‘The Fake Washington Post’

Keeping up with the slew of daily fake news vomited out by leftist puppets over at The New York Times and the Washington Post has been exhausting, for us and for Trump, but fortunately, it’s gonna become much harder for those con artists to trick and corrupt innocent Americans.

Word from the White House today is that Donald Trump is PERSONALLY working on a bill that would switch the names of these two fake news regimes to “The Fake New York Times” and the “Fake Washington Post“. Trump believes that he’ll have incredible success at pushing this through the house, because he can’t think of any honest politician who wouldn’t want to punish these two outlets for all the lies they have intentionally spread.

Trump is reportedly still debating on how long the name change would last, he is considering making the sentence anywhere from the length of his presidency, to 100 years.

An official statement from Trump out of the White House reads, “News is very sacred. Very sacred. If you have big publications like The New York Times and the Washington Post publishing fake news everyday and corrupting our youth and voters, they deserve big penalties. Huge penalties!”

No word yet on just when Trump is expected to finish up the bill, but expect it to be one of the president’s first major steps forward towards improving American democracy.