Trump shotguns in cemetery

President Trump Shotguns a Beer at Soldier’s Grave on Memorial Day, Proves What Sacrifice has Earned Us

President Trump decided to show support for fallen American troops this Memorial Day in a smart and everyman way that only he could pull off.

Trump, who arrived this morning at Arlington Cemetery to honor U.S. soldiers that died in combat, stepped out of his motorcade saying he felt incredibly thirsty, and decided to use the moment to pull off a little patriotic PR stunt.

He quickly stood over the closest soldier’s grave he could find, was handed a regular sized can of Pabst Blue Ribbon, and proceeded to absolutely demolish the drink, messily shotgunning it, as alcoholic liquid spewed out onto at least 3 adjacent graves, and all over his presidential suit.

With his head fully tilted back and having gulped the last sip, Trump crushed his can in defiance, and threw it at his feet, as if having scored a touchdown.

“That is what America is all about!”, Trump shouted. “This is why all these brave folks are here!”

Trump took a moment to wipe the foam from his mouth.

“Tell me, could you do this in Iran? Could you do this Iraq? No way, because they haven’t even remotely experienced the sacrifice our soldiers have made,” Trump added, with a bit of a buzz.

The president followed this act up by giving a moving eulogy to all U.S. soldiers that died at the hands of non-white enemies.

Unfortunately, expect the Libturd alcoholism police to be on the scene tweeting up a storm any second now.

How about just letting our president respect the troops!?!

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