Trump shotguns beer in cemetery on memorial day.

President Trump Shotguns a Beer at Soldier’s Grave on Memorial Day, Proves What Sacrifice has Earned Us

President Trump arrived at Arlington National Cemetery early this Memorial Day to honor U.S. troops whom have died in combat, but he used the moment to pull off a little patriotic stunt for them as well.

Having left his motorcade, Trump walked over to the closest grave he could find and was handed a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer by one of his aides.

“Boy do we ever thank you guys for your service,” Trump said, looking out over the row of graves. He removed a pen from his pocket and quickly pierced his drink with an abrupt stab, messily shotgunning it into his open mouth as squirts of golden beer spewed out over three adjacent graves, and onto his presidential suit.

With his head tilted back and the last sip gulped, Trump crushed the can in defiance and threw it at his feet as if having scored an NFL touchdown, as it clanked off the granite & grey graves of two young marines.

“That’s what America is all about!”, Trump shouted. “That’s  why all us brave folks are here!”

Trump took a moment to wipe some stray foam from his lip.

“Tell me, could you do this in Iran? Could you do this Iraq? No way! That’s because they haven’t even remotely experienced the sacrifices our soldiers have made,” Trump added, now with a bit of a buzz.

Trump stayed at the cemetery for about 30 minutes longer, with most of his time spent consoling widows, largely by taking selfies with them in front of the graves of their loved ones.

Now that’s how a modern day President goes about respecting modern day troops!