Donald Trump gladiator

Donald Trump Employs Roman Style Thumbs-up or Thumbs-down When Approving ISIS Strikes

ISIS has been massacring people left and right. With this in mind,  Donald Trump can’t be having lengthy and in-depth conversations with his military commanders every single time they want to blow up a terrorist hideout…

This is why the president has reportedly adopted the habit of answering such questions with a simple thumb gesture. Instead of diving into all the bureaucracy and intricacies of a military plan or situation, Trump just sticks his thumb up or down, and the military commanders speaking with him react accordingly.

Citing one commander in the U.S. military, here is an example where this decisive decision style proved particularly useful just this past week.

“I approached the president looking to seek permission to authorize an attack on a potential ISIS stronghold near one of Syria’s borders. The situation was very complex because of the strike’s close proximity to neighboring ally Turkey, as well as some rough intel that there may have been a makeshift preschool in the area.

Rather than spend an hour going through all these contingency plans, President Donald Trump gave me a thumbs up before I even spoke. This is military efficiency at its finest.”

When asked in what cases the president likes to thumbs-down operations, the commander said that such an event was rare, but that Trump will often do this after he has been put in a particularly bad mood by the liberal fake news, or if he is simply speaking to a commander he doesn’t like.