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Covfefe Fiasco Results in Trump Firing 14 Presidential Aides

Fourteen presidential aides are waking up this morning to a world of covfefe for their roles in the auto-correct that’s taken the fake news media by storm, after being fired by tweeter/President Donald Trump.

According to multiple sources within the White House, all fourteen members of staff knew that Trump had tweeted out the mistake and could have informed him about it, but failed to do so. It wasn’t until Trump was browsing Twitter later on in the day that he noticed what had happened.

One aide, upon hearing of the firing, admitted to Breetbort that he had seen Trump’s tweet, but couldn’t be 100% certain it was a mistake.

“I mean now I know he meant to say “coverage”, and it might sound silly, but at the time I honestly agreed with the sentiment that the main stream media is just a bunch of covfefe,” he said.

Another staffer said that they he was afraid Trump would fire him if he spoke up, because he had seen aides fired in the past for suggesting to Trump a particular tweet may have crossed a line.

People have been taking nefarious and wild guesses at what covfefe could actually mean, when in reality it’s probably just nothing.

But who knows, maybe it’s a codeword related to his own surprise birthday party coming up, the one that Jared Kushner is helping to organize with the Russians.