Climate Change Hoax

Hours After Quitting Paris Accord, Trump Announces Decline in U.S. Temperatures

Only hours after announcing the United States’ decision to quit the international Paris Agreement, an accord reached in 2016 by 195 countries to combat ‘climate change’, President Donald Trump revealed that average temperatures across the United States have already dropped by roughly 4 degrees Fahrenheit. (2°C)

While there exist many vocal critics of Trump’s decision to quit the accord, the president knows that leaving it will not only help maintain American jobs and the economy, but that it may actually work to cool the planet in some way.

Trump’s scientific advisors briefed him Thursday evening, saying that since officially announcing to leave the Paris agreement, American cities have experienced a bit more of a chill than usual.

Speaking with one White House reporter on the matter, Trump called the situation “a bit strange”, but that he “isn’t at all surprised” to see colder temperatures.

“Maybe this is just God’s way of saying, ‘That was a bad deal, and I’m glad you got out of it,’ ” said Trump.

For example, when the press conference began at 3PM, the average temperature in Washington D.C. was 75.2 °F (23°C), and by the time Trump was leaving the White House at 8PM, the temperature had already dropped to 71 °F (21°C).

“I looked out on the crowd when I was making my announcement this morning and saw reporters out there in t-shirts. I look around now and people are wearing fleeces! Wow!”

It just goes to show you that no one can predict the weather, and that the 195 other countries part of the accord are only joking themselves.

The U.S. joins the great nation of Syria, and its strong leader Bashar Al-Assad, as the only other country in the world not part of the agreement, as they both know its phoney.

Nicaragua is the only other country not part of the agreement, but that is only because it is crazy enough to want a stricter agreement with even further restrictions!

Whew, thanks Trump.