Mike Trout Glock Gun Open Carry

Athletes Should Always Open Carry, Trump Says After Scalise Baseball Shooting

Following yesterday’s unprovoked attack on American congressman and Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, which injured a total of five and left attacker James Hodgkinson dead, President Donald Trump has advised athletes and sports enthusiasts to always open carry guns with them to games.

Speaking with reporters today regarding yesterday’s shooting in Alexandria, VA, Trump reminded his audience that Virginia was an open carry state, and that it shouldn’t require law enforcement to halt a would be gun attacker.

“All I can say is that if I were suiting up tomorrow for a baseball game, a soccer game, a hockey game…, I would have a Glock strapped to my side. It’s terrible but terrorists and lunatics are at an all time high, and they know to go after you when you’re most innocent, like while playing the great American game of baseball.”

When asked if Trump thought this advice should be taken by kids in little league or by professional athletes in leagues like the MLB and NBA, Trump responded,

“Well that’s where the leftist gun conspiracy stuff comes in and legislation won’t let you do too much, but yes if you’re a 16 year old kid playing baseball, I think you should be able to protect your life and your team from a terrorist. We’ve all become very familiar with what terrorists look like, so even at 16 it shouldn’t be a real concern. As for the MLB, I think that is something that the league’s commissioner should start to consider. Next thing you know Jihadi Joe will be at Angel Stadium running out onto the field after Mike Trout and there will be nothing anyone can do.”

Trump’s comments further prove that he is a president very concerned about security and the relentless threat of terrorism.