Trump on Cardinal Pell, Leakers

Trump Defends Cardinal Pell of Sex Charges, Blames Leakers and Anonymous Sources

FACT: There is nothing worse than a leaker. You wouldn’t know it if you spent anytime reading the lamestream media, but common decency and good politics revolve around a necessity that ALL private meetings and conversations are ACTUALLY kept private.

That is why one should be weary when reading the breaking “news” that Australia’s highest ranking Vatican official, Cardinal George Pell, has been charged by police with what are being called “historical sexual assault offences”.

Donald Trump on Thursday called it despicable that “attention hungry, leakers of the left” have decided to besmirch the name of Australia’s most powerful Catholic man, chief financial advisor to Pope Francis. Trump argued that Australia’s case hinges on faceless victims / anonymous sources whom can’t be trusted.

Trump on Cardinal Pell, Leakers

While the mainstream media and much of Twitter have prematurely gone ahead and lumped guilt onto the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, and Cardinal Pell, these folks should instead be targeting outrage towards all of the fake news outlets that are making such a big deal out of simple CHARGES, without even hearing a TRIAL or VERDICT.

Trump told reporters by phone on Thursday he hopes that when Cardinal Pell goes to trial for sex crimes, that those accusing him face trial as well, and that they answer for leaking sensitive information about personal relationships they had while being members of the church, information that should have almost certainly never been made public.

“We don’t need any more leakers. We especially don’t need leakers bringing up these lewd kinds of topics. It’s gross. It’s unnecessary. Period,” said Trump.