Trump Gambles Obamacare on Roulette

Trump Wants to Gamble $350m in Obamacare Repeal Costs at 38-1 Odds, Could Earn U.S. $12 Trillion

What if President Trump singlehandedly made the United States over $12 trillion overnight, would the snowflake liberals still hate him?

President Donald Trump has been hard at work these past several months trying to save us from the treacherous clutches of ‘Obamacare’, but stubborn and selfish politicians from both parties have been making this a near impossible task.

Trump has had a tough time getting congress to agree on the final Obamacare replacement bill, so today he proposed an innovative solution, which has the potential to push the U.S. into a whole new class of world super power.

The president stated in the past that if the health care bill were to become dragged out in congress for too long, he would be forced to leave Obamacare in place as the status quo and that his team would move on in order to fix other problems in America.

“I think everyone knows I want to see Obamacare gone more than anyone else around here. But there are a ton of problems in this country that need a lot of money and attention, and if these so-called politicians in congress can’t even vote to repeal Obamacare, it might be worthwhile to focus on other things in the short term.”

With this in mind, Trump suggested that the estimated $350 billion cost for fully repealing all of Obamacare and its clunkiness, could be gambled away on a single roulette roll, with a 1 in 38 chance of the U.S. being able to essentially escape the roughly $19 trillion of debt it finds itself in, as the payout on such a bet would be over $12 trillion.

“I’ve always felt good about 29 black my entire life. Before I was president I earned a lot of money thanks to 29 black. Remember, I also felt good about becoming president, and Hilary failing, and now look what’s happened.

From what I’ve seen of government in my months as president, it’s likely we would be better off as a country if we took the money that is to be used on repealing Obamacare, and played the odds to try to and fix the insurmountable debt that our past presidents have left us with. No other president who would have the guts to do this, even though it could make our country three times greater than China overnight, and with little overall risk.

If you think I’ve been a great president up until now, imagine what I could do and what we could do without this embarrassing load of national debt. Who knows, we may even be able to build a time machine that could go back and make sure Obamacare never happened!

According to White House sources, Trump has a team looking into the logistics of placing such a bet, and should have more to say on it in the coming weeks.