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WWE To Bring Back Trump as the ‘Fake News Exposer’ After Viral CNN Meme

Can you smell what the Trump is cookin’?

If you’re a big fan of President Donald Trump and/or the WWE, you probably already know that these two great American icons have crossed paths more than once in the past decade.

Trump’s smooth talking, witty & wealthy persona, paired with his tall and dominant presence, helped him become one of the greatest WWE celebrity figures of all-time, even culminating with his induction to the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2013.

Earlier today Trump relived some of his wrestling glory days, as he tweeted out a meme using past fight footage, which shows Trump as he lays a beat down on fake news outlet CNN.

Many liberal media outlets took issue with the tweet, accusing Trump of trying to “incite violence against the media”.

Trump told reporters later on in the day that he’s planning on returning to the WWE as president in a part-time, unpaid role. Trump says that his new WWE character will wear a full mask and body outfit, and be named the “Fake News Exposer“.

Trump states that WWE’s writers are still working on where to go with it, and that he’s taken a look at what they have so far.

“If there’s some beautiful way where in the end I get to wrestle CNN’s president-in-fake Jeff Zucker and elbow drive him in the face that would be just too perfect. I couldn’t imagine Jeff would want to stand up in front of a mic or in front of me, or get boo’d in front of thousands of people, but if he wants to that could make things even better for me.”

Trump added that his character will work to keep America safe from the threats of fake news, and that he will often bring to light breaking real-world evidence of their trickery while live on air. He made clear that this will be a much better use of his time than when he’s wasting weeks dealing with congress bills and the inefficiencies of other American politicians.

“People often complain about what I do and say on Twitter, because they say it’s not the place for it! Well let’s see if they still complain when I say things on Monday Night RAW, where things are meant to sound vulgar and unscripted. We’ll see where it goes…”

Now let’s pray that Fake News Exposer has his first match scheduled as a ‘No Disqualifications’ against Crooked Hillary