Ladies of North Korea Military

‘North Korea, Mr. Kim, Please Do Something Nuke Worthy’, Says Trump

Watch out Kim Jong-Un. This ain’t your average pushover president.

Following another controversial North Korean missile test, President Donald Trump said today he wouldn’t mind to see North Korean’s dictator push the envelope just a little bit further.

Speaking at a press conference in Washington, President Trump had this to say:

“Well today North Korea launched its first ballistic missile capable of reaching Alaska. But thank God it’s only Alaska and thank God they still haven’t figured out how to make good bombs. But you see Kim is getting dangerously close to forcing my hand with the codes, and you know how all presidents beg for just one chance in their term to use those.

I ran my campaign on making sure the United States became a winner, not someone who gets bullied anymore. WW2 was one of America’s greatest victories and brightest moments of our history, primarily thanks to Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s brave decision to use the atomic bomb, an amazing result of American ingenuity if I might add.

If Kim thinks I’m not as brave as FDR, or if he thinks the US is afraid of his little missiles, he should test me with something else, and then we’ll see what North Korea’s like without its capital city, or without its bad haircuts.

So North Korea, Mr. Kim, please do something nuke worthy.”

Tensions have run increasingly high with North Korea’s recent series of missile tests, as Trump has continued to pressure China, the North’s biggest trade partner, into leveraging tougher sanctions against the country.

Concerns around US military intervention against North Korea include the safety of the roughly 2.5 million civilians living in the capital of Pyongyang, along with the dangers of several short range missile systems that North Korea has permanently aimed at United States’ ally South Korea.

While a US nuclear strike against North Korea would result in a ton of civilian casualties, it will also save American civilians down the line, as a more diplomatic solution to the North Korean crisis might eventually lead thousands of North Korean refugees to the United States, potentially leading to a new sort of ‘asian ISIS’ disaster.

If you’re somehow reading this and are in Pyongyang, it might be worth finding a way to leave town now before Uncle Sam shows up…