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‘Rush In’, Trump Admits Campaign Quote May Have Caused Confusion

“Rush in’. That is supposedly something you would have been hearing a lot of had you been working on Trump’s 2016 election team. It was a term used to symbolize the fearless and no holds barred approach to campaigning the Trump team had chosen to take, one where you needn’t stop and worry about being polite or politically correct.

This new information regarding the Trump 2016 campaign has leaked out of the White House at a particularly interesting time, as it comes just days after the media began hounding Donald Trump Jr. for his voluntary publication of year old e-mails which showed him agreeing to a meeting with a Russian lawyer back in June of 2016.

Several fake news outlets have argued that this is a sort of “smoking gun” which links Trump and his campaign team to have illegally colluded with the Russian government in some way.

President Donald Trump has already come out and defended his son, stating that he is an honest man and that any meeting he had taken with any sort of Russian was completely legal and sensible.

Now it seems that there are even more avenues and possibilities for why Donald Jr. would have taken a meeting with a Russian, for he may have had his wires crossed due to the highly familiar sounding Trump campaign quote.

It was Rob Goldstone who first contacted Trump Jr. over the phone to discuss setting up in a meeting that could provide his campaign team with damaging information on Hilary Clinton. He told Trump Jr. something along the lines of, “I can setup this meeting for you. It’s probably gonna involve a (Russian) / (Rush In).”

With this in mind, it’s possible that Trump Jr. and other top campaign staffers Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort, found themselves in the meeting as the result of a miss-communication. Trump Jr. may have simply thought that he was going to an aggressive or demanding meeting, and that it was going to require a “Rush In” mentality.

Donald Trump was asked early Monday on whether he thought that his campaign’s internal use of the term “Rush In” could have caused any confusion in regards to Russia, he admitted,

“Well I mean sure it certainly could be possible. I know I never would have made such a mistake but you never know. I mean they sound similar, we even realized that early on but we just liked it so much, and in the end it’s kind of hard to blame one’s God given ears if they think they hear something.”

Regardless of who Trump Jr. was meeting with, you NEVER pass up an opportunity to expose Crooked Hillary…

(But hopefully we get to see the ‘Fake News Exposer’ doing some of that soon)