Donald Trump and OJ Simpson Day

October 1st Declared National OJ Simpson Day by Donald Trump

In the hours following a Nevada parole board’s decision to grant OJ Simpson his release from prison on October 1, 2017, president Donald Trump announced a new coinciding national holiday, “OJ Simpson Day”, both in honor of his old friend, and as a gesture of good faith towards the African American community.

In an official statement released from the White House, Donald Trump is quoted as saying,

“OJ Simpson was a captivating African-American, a pro athlete, a reality star well before The Apprentice, and more importantly, a hard working honest American. The fact is he’s a terrific individual whom was found innocent in criminal court of terrible crimes, and has forever since been crucified by both the fake media and the courts, largely because of his race, and has now served more than enough time behind bars than he ever ought to have.

OJ Simpson represents a marginalized individual who achieved the American dream and then had it snatched away from him by liberal fake news and corrupt courts. National OJ Simpson Day should be a day of reflection and celebration for all Americans who believe in justice, the American dream, and our constitution.”

The holiday will be mostly symbolic in nature, but the White House has said that on that day Mr. Simpson will be invited to spend time at the oval office to relax with the president and watch a televised football game.

OJ Simpson has spent the last eight and-a-half years in prison for his involvement in a Nevada robbery where he was trying to reclaim personal memorabilia. The judge in that case threw the book hard at Simpson for having previously been found not guilty of murder in what was the controversial trial seen around the globe. OJ was later deemed responsible for those two murders in civil court, and was sentenced to pay $33.5 million dollars towards the families of his victims.

While the families haven’t been able to receive all of that money yet, The Juice at 70 years old still has at least a few million tucked away in pension money, which remains off limits in regards to what he is forced to pay. In other words, you won’t have to worry about OJ going hungry anytime soon.

So everyone mark your calendars for October 1st! Remember to throw on an NFL game, maybe an OJ movie too, and don’t let the law hold you back on that day either. Live free, like O.J.