Black navy transgender seal surrounded by rainbow ribbons.

Transgender SEALS Forced by Trump to Wear Transgender Seals

Hours after President Donald Trump launched a series of tweets where he announced that transgender individuals would no longer be allowed to serve in the U.S military, specific details on how this policy will actually be enforced have started to go public, and a retired transgender seal is already firing back shots.

One major policy reveal deals with the issue that is the estimated 2,500 transgender U.S. soldiers currently in active duty, with potentially 11,000 more in reserves. While Trump’s policy prevents new trans applicants, current transgender members of the military will be allowed to stay on without resigning, but they will be forced to wear large identifying seals on their uniforms to inform others they are transgender.

The goal of this will be to make it easier to identify them, so they can be better ignored, taunted, and persuaded to exit, an option Trump is offering to all transgenders seeking to quit the military immediately, without penalty.

The “Official Transgender Seal”, given to any Navy SEAL or other military member who’s transgender will supposedly resemble a large question mark, surrounded by rainbow dashes, with it all covered up by a big red X.

In the hours following Trump’s announcement, many fake news outlets were outraged and questioned the constitutionality of such a ban.

There is much discussion around where this puts current transgender soldiers, with substantial media coverage of comments from decorated former Navy SEAL Kristin Beck, who is transgender and has called this a “terrible decision”. She warns that Trump’s ban could cost the United States government billions of dollars in lawsuits, which she says they will undoubtedly face and lose.

Trump argued the main reason for the ban was economical, because he didn’t want the government having to pay for any sort of hormonal treatment. Critics of the decision say that estimated medicine costs are overblown, and that they would be a drop in the bucket of the military’s huge budget.

I guess it’s not all bad if you’re transgender and living under Trump. You’re going to get a once and a lifetime exclusive military seal you can show off and wear once your career is brought to a halt.