Mitch McConnell put in charge to Solve North Korea Crisis

Mitch McConnell Ordered By Trump to Solve the North Korea Crisis

He couldn’t even repeal Obamacare, and now the fate of the free world rests all in his clammy hands…

Mitch McConnell was told by Trump today that, going forward, he will accept full responsibility of the ongoing North Korea crisis on behalf of the White House, and that all outcomes, good or bad, can thus be attributed to the Senior United States Senator of Kentucky.

It was McConnell after all who was put in charge of leading the push to repeal Obamacare in the senate, and when that bill was defeated last week, he received subsequent jeering from President Trump for his failures.

Not only has Trump demanded McConnell get back to work and present Republicans with brand new health and tax reform plans, but the president has now thrown in the challenge of dealing with the United State’s most concerning and imminent threat, a North Korea whose nuclear capabilities are progressing everyday.

“Look he had 8 years to repeal Obamacare, he couldn’t do it! Now I say we give him a real work load if he wants to get back in America’s good book. Health care, tax reform, and North Korea, fix these problems for us Mitchy, you owe us. Maybe then we’ll start letting you back on Fox and into the Oval.”

For McConnell, this new job to solve the North Korea crisis comes just days following Trump’s viral remarks that the U.S. was ready to hit North Korea with “fire and fury” the likes never before seen if it uttered any more threats.

The liberal fake news was generally outraged at the comments, while Trump and some conservative outlets wondered if he didn’t go far enough.

North Korea, in response to the comments, said it was preparing an attack on the U.S. territory Guam.

Rather than unleash the fire and fury he had promised, Trump responded with a tweet which simply read:

“Lol Guam”

So here we go Mitch McConnell, please have lowered taxes, repealed Obummercare, and had Kim Jong-Un overthrown by the end of the week.

Don’t screw this up for us again.