Trump might be racist towards white guys

Bannon Firing Reveals a Pattern, Is Trump Racist Towards White Guys?

Critics and liberal pundits may have had Donald Trump’s supposed racist views all wrong.

The president’s latest firing of senior strategist Steve Bannon marks the 6th middle to upper aged white male to have been fired from Trump’s senior staff since taking office, which has several conservative analysts speculating whether Trump may be in fact, racist towards white people.

“It’s very concerning,” Bannon said earlier today when speaking with Fox News. You have wackjobs on the left saying that Trump’s racist towards Mexicans, blacks- heck you name them, he hates ’em! But if you truly look at it, he’s gone off now and fired 6 middle to upper aged white guys since he took office. You couldn’t even name me a single black or Mexican he’s fired in that time, because there haven’t been any! And I’ll tell you what, for the vast majority of us it’s been without cause.”

Steve Bannon enters unemployment with the caucasian likes of Mike Flynn, Sean Spicer, Anthony Scaramucci, and Reince Priebus, all of whom were brought in to the West Wing by Trump himself, only to be humiliated by early dismissals.

The now infamous white supremacist Christopher Cantwell, who was the star of VICE‘s documentary on the events in Charlottesville, also gave own comments following Bannon’s dismissal.

“You’re losing us here Trumpy boy! Don’t do this to us man! That was simply one too many white folk you’ve gone and fired today. Plus if I’m being fucking honest, Steve Bannon counts for like a million of us. Just look at what he’s tried to achieve for the white race.”

When asked by reporters what he thought of the rumor, President Trump responded, “Sad! So sad!”

Hopefully this is all just overblown speculation and that the firings are a mere coincidence. Surely any day now will see him fire a black or a latino for reassurance, especially if he starts to feel the media pressure.

But if he is racist towards white people, that would certainly cross a firm red line…