Trump May Keep DACA, Influenced by hooker and chef

Trump May Keep DACA, His Favorite Personal Chef and Escort Are Both ‘Dreamers’

President Trump may keep DACA in place after all, several close to the matter are now saying.

Leaks out of the Trump administration initially indicated that the president would officially terminate the USA’s DACA program either today or tomorrow, an initiative started in 2012 by President Obama to help the United States’ youngest and and most driven undocumented immigrants, also known as Dreamers, live in America indefinitely.

But sources at the White House are saying that things might have been influenced by a meeting held early this afternoon in the Oval Office between Trump and two longtime friends of his, both of whom, he found out, are currently enrolled in the DACA program.

Trump and the rest of his staff were unaware that the two were coming, but the president was supposedly jovial when both Eduardo and Krystale (last names not given) walked in to the room, neither of whom he had seen in at least five years one source confirmed.

Eduardo and Krystale are both undocumented immigrants whom have previously worked for Trump or the Trump Organization illegally over the span of nearly a decade.

Eduardo is a Mexican chef who was Trump’s personal favourite for preparing steaks at Trump Tower, while Krystale was an expensive escort out of Haiti, whom Trump would often invite out to be his date at international parties.

Eduardo was also the one who prepared Trump’s famous Taco Bowl that went viral during the election campaign.

It seems as though someone both senior in staff and with good knowledge of the president must have invited the pair in secret, as Trump himself was in the process of writing his DACA termination tweet when they happened to walk in to the Oval Office.

Of course, it also seems as though this person’s goal was to change the president’s mind on cancelling the program. When the pair asked the president if he was truly planning on ending DACA and deporting them, Trump supposedly said, “Don’t worry. You guys are my friends. I think you’ll turn out okay.”

So now we wait and see whether Trump re-meeting his best meat guy and the girl he used to see as meat and stick his meat into have humanized the issue for Trump, or whether he’ll stick to being Mr. Constitutional?

We should find out soon…