Mar-a-Lago Visitor List Leaks, Coke & Mentos Scientists Have Been 72 Times

Mar-a-Lago Visitor List Leaks, Coke & Mentos Scientists Have Visited 72 Times

We knew Donald Trump likes Coke, but it seems his appreciation for the drink stems even further than its sweet refreshing taste.

A leaked copy of the Mar-a-Lago visitor log covering the eight-month period of Trump’s presidency indicates that the Diet Coke & Mentos scientists from this famous 2006 YouTube video have visited the Trump owned resort on 72 separate occasions since January.

According to associated documents, these visits were paid for via roughly $465,000 in taxpayer money; with $40,000 of that going to room fees for 72 nights, $14,500 to supply the Diet Coke, $10,500 for the Mentos, and another $300,000 split amongst the duo for their performances, plus $100,000 to have them kept on retainer.

A source close to the matter says that Trump likes inviting the duo over to impress important guests.

Trump gave some public comments regarding Diet Coke & Mentos back in 2006 in a one-on-one TV interview.

You know the first time I saw that video I’ll tell ya I was amazed. I love Coke, I drink it every day. Sometimes I go through Diet Coke phases too, so I have nothing against them either. Both fantastic. But more to the point, I also love Mentos. And when I saw this video my god, these guys might as well have been Jesus Christ the things they were doing. I mean I’ve been putting these two things into my body my entire adult life, it’s a miracle I haven’t accidentally blown myself up.

So I had to meet these guys, I immediately had them flown out for a private show. I made sure it was bigger and better than their video too, it was terrific. Whenever I want to woo someone I have them come over and do the same show. It’s great. It also makes sure I never run out of Coke or Mentos.

Whoever leaked the document censored all other Mar-a-Lago visitor names besides the scientists, who are referred to in the logs simply as Coke & Mentos Scientist #1 and Coke & Mentos Scientist #2.

Some of the guests who may have been entertained by the soft drink based act, judging from the dates given, include the likes of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Sean Hannity of Fox News.