Trump Depoliticize Tragedy Executive Order

Trump Announces Executive Order To ‘Depoliticize Tragedy’ In Wake of Vegas Attack

In response to several comments by liberals and anti-gun advocates following yesterday’s tragedy in Las Vegas which left 59 dead and hundreds injured, Donald Trump has revealed how he plans to help in the healing process.

Trump announced an executive order today stating that henceforth, whenever there occurs some sort of tragedy or disaster resulting in the death of five or more Americans, congress must wait a minimum of eight months before proposing any bill that could be seen as specifically related to said tragedy.

The order is being referred to as, “The Executive Order to Depoliticize Tragedy & Make America Great Again”

For example with this Las Vegas case, democrats won’t be able to suggest or raise new anti-gun bills until roughly the beginning of June 2018.

Trump said that the executive order is desperately needed to ensure that the dead are being respected and that Washington doesn’t “turn into a circus”.

“It’s just so disgusting whenever these gun attacks happen and liberals try to relate them to gun laws. Remember in Charlottesville when that woman was run over and killed, did you see anyone on the right bringing up car safety laws? No, because tragedies happen by coincidence all the time, and there’s nothing we can do about them.

But it’s my job as president that when these tragic events happen the government doesn’t do anything too rash. Guns are such a big part of our country and heritage, they must be fiercely protected. So no I won’t let Hilary come in and take your guns just because a couple hundred people in our impressively large country may unfortunately get shot to death on any given week.”

The wording of the order means it will also have an impact on recent deadly hurricanes and attempts from the left to blame them on global warming. Since Hurricane Maria killed upwards of 16 people, it will be at least another 8 months until democrats can propose any law changes relating to global warming.

“We simply can’t continue to allow crooked politicians to capitalize off tragic losses of American life. With my executive order, it will takeĀ  8 months without any serious shootings to pass some sort of gun law. Or 8 months without a hurricane to pass a hurricane law. That means that when the democrat or whatever comes to the table, they won’t be all riled up, they’ll be coming to the debate with a cool head, which obviously, I would know, is important in deal-making.

Of course since major shootings happen in the US all the time, let alone every eight months, it seems Trump has made sure our guns should be real safe for quite a while…

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