VP Mike Pence Storms out of McDonalds After Big Mac Insults U.S. Flag

Mike Pence was spotted grabbing a quick lunch at a local D.C. McDonald’s this Columbus Day,  where his hunger reportedly turned to hatred when he found the restaurant’s employees were being disrespectful to America’s flag and its troops.

Witnesses say Vice President Pence entered the McDonalds and asked staff to prepare him a Big Mac “in the style of the American flag”, the same way the VP always has his burgers prepared whenever made for him at the White House.

Witnesses say Pence sat down at a table after ordering, while his assistants thoroughly made sure the McDonald’s employees understood how the burger was to be made.

“They were saying to use lettuce for the stripes, and Mac Sauce for the flag’s stars and outline. They made it very clear how he wanted it done, very clear. Pence was already sitting down with secret service waiting for his meal,”,  one onlooker told the media.

When Pence received his burger, the look on his face turned to anger and disgust as he unwrapped it and looked upon what he described aloud as, “borderline treasonous”.

Before exiting the restaurant and throwing his meal in the trash, Pence reportedly pushed his way through swaths of onlookers whom had gathered in the lobby, and told the restaurant manager to bring over the 14 year old brown-skinned girl who had been responsible for preparing his meal.

“Now look girl,” Pence said. “What I see here is some piled up lettuce and sauce spread around like a normal Big Mac. Did you do this because you hate your country or because you want to get fired? To me it seems like both. You’re a kid for God’s sake and already you’re trying to disrespect this country and its troops?”

The girl began to cry as Pence and his entourage left the McDonald’s and walked over to a five star restaurant just two blocks away, where it turns out Pence already had reservations.

This comes just one day after Vice President Pence attended and then immediately walked out of an NFL game because something there had also offended himself, the country, and its troops.

If you weren’t sure before, there’s no doubting now that Vice President Pence is a proud American.