Senate Candidate Roy Moore Announces New Self-Serving Charity, ‘The Roy Moore Foundation’

Points for being honest.

Roy Moore, the Alabama Republican who just won his party’s nomination for the 2018 senate election over incumbent big Luther Strange, has announced his intentions to start a new charity called “The Roy Moore Foundation”.

The charity will be focused solely on benefiting Moore, Moore’s family, and his friends, with a specific mandate of helping the Moores and co. live like ‘true one percenters‘.

Moore announced his intentions in a personal email to media, friends and donors.

“I’ll admit, I got a bit cocky with my last charity. I related it to God and conservatism, then I took most of the money for myself, I lied about it the whole time, all in all it wasn’t great. But now that I’m running for senator I want to be as honest with the American people as I can, just like our great President. That’s why in a month’s time we will be shutting down “The Foundation for Moral Law” at its headquarters here in Montgomery, Alabama, and we’ll be replacing it with a brand new organization, “The Roy Moore Foundation”.

With this foundation it’s going to be very clear. All of the money will be going to me and my family. I’m tired of the fake news writing crap on me, so now I’m going to be as real as it gets. Rest assured that if you give a couple of bucks to Roy Moore, it will probably end up paying for my wife’s Starbucks tomorrow morning. If you donate a lot, I might buy a Porsche, who knows!

But to be honest, the day to day operations of the charity aren’t going to change all that much. So if you’ve been a loyal donor to The Foundation for Moral Law, I implore you to join us in this new journey of transparency we’re undertaking.

Thanks everyone, and please remember; Donate often, and vote for your boy, Roy!

This announcement comes just hours after a damning report was published showing how Moore has used his Christian/Conservative values focused charity “The Foundation for Moral Law” to personally benefit himself and his family for years, with at least $1 million in salary, and countless other perks, having gone to Moore himself.

Moore previously lied to the public, stating he never claimed any sort of salary from this position. Now he and his organization will likely be under investigation by the IRS for its attempts at keeping his salary and other financials hidden in their annual tax disclosures.

Will Alabama voters show their appreciation for Moore’s shameless pursuit of the American dream and badass new charity by voting him into the senate. Why not? This is America!