Donald Trump ' motivational tweets month ' will seek to deter drug and opioid use amongst Americans.

Trump, ‘Motivational Tweets Month’ Will Deter Drug and Opioid Addiction

Thinking about lighting up a big ol opioid spliff and shovin’ it in your mouth? Well, hold on now, what if you got a message from THE President himself telling you to KNOCK IT OFF?

Donald Trump announced that starting November 1st and every day after for the month of November, he will write and post tweets from his personal account with the goal of deterring youth from taking drugs in what’s being called “Motivational Tweets Month”.

“If you look at it you’ll see Nancy Reagan did a lot drug PSAs during the 80s, and they were kind of effective, but she didn’t have anywhere close to the size of following I do.” Trump said.  “The fact is more people than ever are doing drugs, and more people than ever before care about what our president, that’s me, has to say.

You’ll hear fake news and fake researchers tell you that drug PSAs aren’t very effective, but what their polls won’t show is how they’ll react when they hear it from me. I think it will be tremendously positive.”

Trump shared with the media a couple mock tweets he’s already cooked up.

President Donald Trump announced in a press conference today that he is declaring America’s opioid crisis a national health emergency, as roughly 175 Americans are now dying each day from opioid addiction and overdose, the reason Trump has declared them the “ISIS” of drugs.

Trump has said a large focus for his administration will be convincing kids to never take drugs in the first place. This strategy was first popularized by Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy in the 1980s, with their “Just Say No” campaign.

Further shadowing the Reagans, First Lady Melania Trump is also taking a public role in combating the crisis. Today she announced a new program where teens can trade “drug free” declarations from their doctors for free Melania Trump 2018 swimsuit calendars.